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Making a Community Proud: The New Connersville Spartans Activity Bus

The new school activity bus in Fayette County, Indiana, is turning heads, creating excitement, and instilling pride among students and the community. What began as a set of rough sketches on the desk of Katrina Falk, Director of Transportation, Fayette County School Corporation, has turned into a state-of-the-art, beautiful activity bus that will provide transportation for field trips and athletic events for the corporation’s 3,500 students.

Meet Jan Reynolds: Extraordinary Customer Service Every Day

Customer service is at the heart of the Carolina Thomas culture, and a phone call is often the first interaction customers have with the company. Thanks to Jan Reynolds, receptionist and administrative assistant, customers receive a warm, enthusiastic greeting and knowledgeable assistance. (more…)

Meet Vinny Rivera: A Passion for Teaching Bus Technology

Vinny-RiveraVinny Rivera, Service and Training Manager at Carolina Thomas, was born with a curiosity to discover what made things tick. “When I was a kid, I disassembled every toy I had just to see how they worked,” says Rivera. That passion led to a career in automotive technology, and later bus technology and service. (more…)

New Buses Vital to Work of The Global Village Project

Two new Carolina Thomas Photo 3_Edited (2000x1333)
buses are making a big impact for girls who are served by The Global Village Project in Decatur, GA. These students, ranging from age 11-18, will now be able to get to school in 15 or 20 minutes instead of undertaking a one-hour commute on public transportation each morning.

The Global Village Project is an innovative school designed specifically to meet the educational needs of refugee girls who have experienced interrupted schooling in their countries of origin. The girls come from all over the world: Burma, Afghanistan, Iran, Congo, Ethiopia, and other countries. The tuition-free school offers a full-day, three-year program that prepares the students to be successful in high school and college. (more…)

Thomas Built Buses – One Reason

“We do this for one reason. One reason that’s been our focus for 100 years….For the future. Futures that are made possible for everyone because we’re there for them, every morning and every afternoon.”

We don’t take what we do lightly, and we will never lose sight of the importance of our work. This is our purpose. This is our passion. This is why we do what we do.

To learn how Thomas Built Buses’ quality, safety and reliability can provide the best value and the lowest total cost of ownership for your school system, contact Carolina Thomas at (336) 851-1718 or email us at sales@carolinathomas.com.

Thomas Built Buses – Every Mile Matters

For millions of school children and their parents, as well as for the countless dedicated transportation professionals who work tirelessly to get them safely to and from school, the yellow school bus matters.

On the celebration of its 100th year as the industry’s leading school bus manufacturer, Thomas Built Buses has logged a LOT of miles. And to the men and women who build Thomas school buses, every single one of those miles matters.

This inspiring video takes a heartfelt look at the people, passion and pride behind the very best school buses in the world – and why every mile matters.

To learn how Thomas Built’s quality, safety and reliability can provide the best value and the lowest total cost of ownership for your school system, contact Carolina Thomas at (336) 851-1718 or email us at sales@carolinathomas.com.

A Fuel Truck Facelift from the “Bus Plus” Professionals

The way we see it, there are two major reasons to invest in your transportation. Reason number one is safety – ensuring your vehicles provide the highest level of protection for passengers. Reason number two is appearance, which we believe goes hand-in-hand with safety. A fresh coat of paint may not provide any extra reinforcement, but when your vehicles look clean and well cared for, your community will come to recognize your organization’s commitment to safety and quality. As people see that you are serious about these two things, they will almost always remain loyal to your brand. (more…)

Growing a Child Care Center with Quality Transportation – The Sprouts Story

Carolyn Davenport and Kelly Turley take delivery of Sprouts’ first Thomas MyBus.

If you live in the High Point, N.C., area, you’ve probably noticed some adorable buses traveling around town. With a fun color scheme and a load of little ones, Sprouts’ Thomas Built buses have been turning heads. In fact, just four years after opening its doors, the preschool and child care center has now reached maximum capacity, and is actively looking for a larger facility. So how did quality transportation contribute to their rapid growth? We talked to the owners to get a little more insight on the Sprouts story.


Coming Full Circle – David Twiddy’s Journey from High School Bus Driver to Transportation Director

From left to right: Bud Hendrix, David Twiddy, Caley Ederly (President & CEO of Thomas Built Buses), Debbi Nelson, Phil Loflin

From left to right: Bud Hendrix, David Twiddy, Caley Edgerly (President & CEO of Thomas Built Buses), Debbi Nelson, Phil Loflin


Looking back to what you did at age 16 is often a cringe-inducing exercise. From acid wash jeans to bad haircuts, there are plenty of decisions we don’t wish to replicate. But while David Twiddy may have upgraded his style since 1986, one thing is still as beloved today as it was in high school – Dare County bus #1. Nearly 30 years after first taking the wheel, David – now Transportation Director for Dare County Schools in North Carolina – has brought back the #1 bus to the same route he drove as a student; albeit with a few upgrades. (more…)