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What we do matters. Every mile. Every day.

It happens thousands of times each day – a child climbs aboard the bus to school, a senior group takes a church daytrip, a business passenger is shuttled to catch her airlines flight – each one riding a bus from Carolina Thomas. And every mile matters – every day.

Bus Safety, Bus Quality - Carolina ThomasAt Carolina Thomas, we’re passionate about our business for one simple reason:   what we do matters. Every day, thousands of children, including our own, depend on our buses to get them to and from school safely. Churches and sports teams, childcare and senior centers, airports and healthcare facilities alike – every day, tens of thousands of people count on us for safe, comfortable and reliable group transportation. So we take serious pride in our business for one very important reason. Because we know there’s a lot riding on what we do. Every mile. Every day.

Our Purpose & Values

This simple idea – that what we do matters – inspires our commitment to a single purpose:  to be the best-in-class provider of bus transportation solutions in the Carolinas for our customers. It’s why we offer only superior quality products and services, provide expert, trusted advice, and help our customers solve their transportation problems in a friendly, professional manner. It’s why our talented employees dedicate themselves to continual improvement in the jobs they perform. And it’s why we work harder than anyone else in our business to meet our customers’ unique needs and exceed their expectations. And we do that every day.