Platinum Support from Carolina Thomas

The minute you drive onto our campus, you’ll notice something different about our customer experience – an uncommon approach to service that focuses intently on you. For more than 10 years we have been seeking creative ways to enhance our systems, providing you not only with the highest quality Thomas Built buses, but also with swift service and low vehicle life-cycle costs. Because of our efforts we have been named a Platinum Support Provider – the first in North America.

About Platinum Support

Instituted by Thomas Built Buses, the Platinum Support program focuses on implementing lean concepts to continuously improve the customer experience. In order for a bus dealer to be certified as a Platinum Support Provider, they must meet 123 individual criteria in 24 different areas, standards that are certified by an independent third party and sustained by weekly audits. This is no small task, but because of our commitments, our customers get back on the road fast, and each member of our team sees the value they add every single day.

Reducing Your Costs

Carolina Thomas’ delivery model actually lowers your vehicle life-cycle costs. Because we have carefully scrutinized and refined the repair assessment process, we make better evaluations of exactly what needs to be done. This translates to less rework, and therefore less wear and tear on the buses we serve.

Keeping You Moving

The Platinum Support title is reserved for bus dealers that have successfully implemented the systems, processes, and team training to deliver a repair estimate and communicate a completion date to the customer within 24 hours of drop off. We uphold this commitment by keeping our processes squarely in line and maintaining a high level of organization, which in turn allows our technicians to raise quality and reduce waste. Ultimately, this helps our customers plan efficiently, and get back on the road quickly.

Let Us Hear From You

Platinum Service means that Carolina Thomas cares about your customer experience . We want to hear from you before, during, and after service. Whether you are a new customer or someone we see on a regular basis, your words are the most important measures for how we will continue to improve.