Efficient, Affordable Bus & Truck Wash Options

Keeping your fleet of school buses, trucks, delivery vehicles, or RVs clean is hard, slow, labor-intensive work for your crew. You already know washing is an important part of fleet maintenance, but consider the implications for your brand, as well.

If your school or company’s name looks dirty, it hurts your image or brand value in the community. On the other hand, a pristine fleet amplifies good perceptions as you drive by and multiplies the investment you’ve made in your fleet, marketing, and all your company’s hard work.

But when it takes all day (and a sore back) for one of your crew to clean a handful of vehicles, you need better bus or truck wash options.

  • Outsourcing the work to a washing company is an expensive proposition and it’s not even an option in some areas. 
  • Pressure washing your vehicles with a commercial-grade or truck pressure washer is better than a brush on a stick but they don’t dramatically reduce the physical effort for your team or increase how fast they can wash a vehicle. 
  • Drive-through systems are more efficient, but that’s at least a $60,000-$100,000 investment…plus permits, construction, a big chunk of valuable real estate, and long-term building upkeep.

A Bus and Truck Wash System that Will Save You Time and Money and Boost Your Reputation

The better investment for your crew, fleet maintenance, and keeping your name and image on a positive trend is the Wash-Bot fleet wash system.


Increase Efficiency

With a Wash-Bot system, one of your crew can perfectly soap, wash, and rinse a 53-foot trailer, bus, or comparable vehicle in 6-8 minutes. Because the Wash-Bot greatly reduces the physical strain of other manual options, your crew can efficiently wash a large number of buses or trucks easily.


Save Money

Priced far, far below the cost of a drive-through wash system, the Wash-Bot is a strong middle-ground investment that will quickly pay for itself in cleaning supplies, labor cost, and upkeep. You can mitigate corrosion and extend the life of your school bus fleet by years with the purchase of one Wash-Bot.


Boost Brand

Your crew can take pride in top-notch work that makes everyone else’s work shine and your school or business will finally represent your name and image well in the neighborhoods and communities you serve.

Take a quick look at what the Wash-Bot looks like in action:

Wash-Bot Freestanding and Fixed Bus and Truck Wash Models

Carolina Thomas is proud to be your source for Wash-Bots in North Carolina, South Carolina but we also serve customers across the U.S. Our most popular models in the Wash-Bot line of truck and bus wash systems are:

Wash-Bot 626 Model

The Wash-Bot 626 Model is a completely freestanding, wireless, and hoseless tank machine that can work on any flat, paved surface. It is ideal for fleets and organizations that don’t have a garage with a fixed wash bay. The product of 25 years of development, the 626 features rudder controls, a central drive wheel, and four steering wheels to provide both feather-light steering and superior traction.

Wash-Bot 101BB Model

If you already have the facilities or set up for a fixed wash bay, the Wash-Bot 101BB Model can be fitted to seamlessly replace an outdated or broken system. This model ties directly to existing power and water supplies for a continuous wash option. It’s ideal for cleaning anything from a limousine-style van all the way up to a full-sized coach.

We sell both options as a fully turnkey wash solution with bottom line package prices that include shipping, installation, and a one-year parts warranty.

Learn More About the Value of a Wash-Bot for Your School or Fleet

Since you’re already looking for a better wash system option, connect with the team at Carolina Thomas to get more information about the value a Wash-Bot system would have for your organization. We’ve been a trusted name in the bus sales, maintenance, and customization business for more than 15 years. You can count on the same excellence in service we’re known for from experts who have built and maintained vehicles themselves.

Our Wash-Bot sales representative is Lance Hill.

Lance Hill

Lance Hill

Commercial Sales Manager – North and South Carolina
Office: 1-800-440-3492, x 382
Mobile: (336) 442-5074
Email: lhill@carolinathomas.com

Get in touch with Lance so he can:

– Send you more detailed information
– Immediately get you a price on the system(s) you’re interested in
– Schedule a live demo so you or your crew can test drive a Wash-Bot and experience the difference for yourself!