12 Years and Counting: E.C. Farthing is Dedicated to Great Service

E.C. Farthing has worked for Carolina Thomas for 12 years. In that time, he has gone from delivering buses part-time to serving customers as a full-time parts sales representative. His story is one of perseverance and how it pays off.

E.C. Farthing - Parts Sales, NC East Region

Coming On Board
In 2005, Farthing was working as a licensed massage therapist when an economic collapse forced him to look for other work. “I called my friend Henry Watson…and he offered me a job at Carolina Thomas,” he said.

Farthing first began as a part-time employee, delivering buses from manufacturers to the company. He then became a “jack of all trades,” cleaning the grounds, trimming bushes, and making sure buses were ready to go. “Basically, if it needed to be done, I would try to do it,” he said.

Moving On Up
Farthing’s hard work and dedication to the company eventually brought him to his current position at Carolina Thomas as a parts sales representative, working with customers to make sure all of their needs are met. He said one of his favorite parts of his job is “feeling like I can help get our customers what they need and help them with problems they are having.” He believes that Carolina Thomas provides top quality products and services and wants to make sure customers are happy after working with him.

Farthing attributes his success not only to his hard work, but also to his team members. “All of the employees and managers are very supportive and willing to help me move up and succeed,” he said.

This new career has provided Farthing with a sense of belonging.I have a feeling of security in my job and security that the company will be here for many years to come,” he said.

A Love For His Job
There is no better feeling than pride in your workplace. Farthing is glad to work for a company with so much support and dedication to quality service. He believes that Carolina Thomas works hard to make sure passengers on their buses, especially school children, are safe during their ride. Farthing says the parts team is willing to help “no matter what time—day or night”.  Carolina Thomas has a complete inventory of bus parts and an experienced staff to help you find the right parts fast.

The mission of Carolina Thomas, according to Farthing, is “to be the best dealership in the country by taking care of our customers.”

A Company You Can Count On
Carolina Thomas is dedicated to quality service and affordable parts for buses. The company offers a full range of new and used buses, parts, maintenance, repair, and bodyshop work for all types of buses. Schools, churches, daycares and other companies throughout North Carolina and South Carolina rely on Carolina Thomas. To order parts or learn more, call (336) 851-1718.