How To Activate Cummins Diesel Engine Stay Warm Feature

In early 2017, Thomas Built Buses announced a revolutionary new feature for diesel engines: Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) Temperature Stabilization, also known as the “Stay Warm” feature. This new feature optimizes the regenerative parameters of diesel engines, increasing active regeneration and decreasing aftertreatment DPF maintenance issues. 

In this service bulletin, we’ll show you how to activate Cummins diesel engine Stay Warm feature using Cummins INSITE software. This simple parameter settings change will allow the engine to continue its active regeneration versus regen interruption when the bus slows below 25 mph under the standard parameter settings. 

Satisfied customers have seen a dramatic decrease in aftertreatment maintenance issues with the new “Stay Warm” feature, as reported in School Bus Fleet.

Download our service bulletin for step-by-step instructions to activate the “Stay Warm” feature using Cummins INSITE software. 

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Vinny Rivera

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