What Makes Thomas Buses the Safest on the Road

While every car, truck, and van is designed with safety in mind, a school bus carries the most precious cargo there is on a daily basis. At Carolina Thomas, we understand the importance of building buses that lead the industry in safety. Every parent wants to know their child is protected, and we constantly find new ways to keep our passengers safe and provide parents with peace of mind.

Thomas Innovation

At Carolina Thomas, we don’t believe in “the way it’s always been done,” when it comes to safety. Through the years, Thomas Built Buses has taken new stands for safety that are now industry-wide standards. Our innovations include:

  • Panic Free Outward Opening Entrance Doors – For years, school buses across the country were equipped with jackknife doors, which offered a poor seal and lower visibility of children. Thomas school buses were the first to introduce outward opening entrance doors, offering a better seal outside the bus, and better visibility to help keep children safe.
  • Full Width Windshield Defrosting Systems – It may be hard to believe now, but there was a time when school bus manufacturers across the industry did not offer windshields that defrosted all the way across. Thomas innovation led to the development of this system, which can now be found across the industry.

Continuing to Lead the Way

Building on our history of innovation, Thomas buses continue to lead the industry in safety. Our state-of-the-art safety features include:

  • Thomas Roof Bows – Located between each passenger window, Thomas Roof Bows (roll bars) are one piece of steel from the bottom of one side, up and over the roof, to the bottom on the other side. Welded to an interior impact panel, the roof bows cap and tie the entire floor together, providing added impact safety and rollover protection offered by no other manufacturer.
  • Bonded Curved Windshields – Thomas Built Buses is the only school bus manufacturer to feature bonded curved windshields across its entire product line. While others still hold to the antiquated idea that you should simply expect your bus windshield to need frequent replacement, Thomas decided to make a windshield that will last for the long haul. Lasting four times longer than the outdated windshields offered by other manufacturers, the Thomas windshield is bonded into the frame of the bus, providing unparalleled protection.

Looking to Upgrade Your Buses?

Is it time to upgrade your school’s buses? Contact Carolina Thomas today, or visit us to learn more about our industry-leading safety innovations. Whatever your needs, we can find the right buses to get your passengers where they need to be, safely and reliably.