Buying the Right Church Bus (4 Useful Must-Haves)

NC 14-Passenger Church BusWhether your church body is large or small, chances are you hit the road often. Which means that buying the right church bus is more important than you think.

From youth retreats to senior getaways, and Sunday morning service shuttles to out-of-state mission trips, at one point or another members of all ages will be utilizing your church’s transportation.

With so many options available, it can be overwhelming to know what is the right fit for your congregation’s needs. Thankfully, you can make an informed decision by considering the following areas.

Bus vs. Van

Budget allowing, we highly recommend you opt for a bus over a van.


  • Buses provide a safer ride and hold more people comfortably.
  • A Commercial Driver’s License, which can be expensive to gain, is not required for a 14-passenger bus.
  • Buses offer both generous sitting and standing room.
  • Buses boast more customizable options.


Once you’ve landed on the type of vehicle you want, you can then focus on the amenities you want it to include.

CT-ChurchInforgraphic-CTAEasy Come, Easy Go

When it comes to loading and unloading, you want to make sure you’re traveling in something that allows for easy entering and exiting.

For those who may have their hands full with luggage or children, handrails and wide steps help ensure proper support and safety.

For those who are in wheelchairs or using another form of mobile assistance, having a handicap-accessible loading option, such as a wheelchair lift that rises and lowers to deliver passengers safely to their destination, is a must.

Buckle Up

While not required for buses in most states, all our buses come equipped with seat belts. This provides an added level of protection, especially if infants or young children will be aboard.

Seat belts also help lower the cost of insurance, so they’re truly a win-win option.

Enjoy the Ride

Do you want to provide your riders with entertainment options to enjoy while they travel?

Purchasing a bus with TVs has big benefits if your church will be taking extended trips. However, this may not be an area where you wish to spend extra money if your main transportation needs are around town.

Decisions, Decisions

At Carolina Thomas, we offer a variety of bus options for your church travel needs. We encourage you to download our Bus Selection Checklist to help you make the most informed decision for your congregation.