3 Ways a Bus Will Benefit Your Child Care Business

If you’re weighing the benefits of purchasing a bus or fleet for a child care business, there are a lot of good questions to ask and consider. Many business owners are justifiably concerned about potential liabilities and expenses. It’s also easy to get overwhelmed by the number of options in the market. And of course, you want to know what features might be most important for the needs of your business.

A bus is a significant investment, but the ROI you’ll see for your business is substantial. Here we will highlight three of the biggest reasons a bus would make a significant impact on your child care business in the minds of prospective customers. A bus expands the advantages you’re able to offer your families, offers parents peace of mind, and creates better brand awareness for your business.

A Bus Can Extend Very Attractive Benefits to Your Families

We all know how important convenience is to customers today. Anything you offer that can save your customers time or effort will be a selling point. Providing transportation to and from school will be a game-changing benefit for many busy parents.

The convenience of dropping off their child before work and picking them up after work is often one of the biggest factors in their decision. Saving even a few minutes each way, each day, is enough to tip the scales one way or another for some families. Offering transportation puts you way ahead of competitors who don’t.

Even if you don’t offer before-and-after-school transportation, having a bus opens up the possibility for field trips and enrichment opportunities outside your facility. This is a plus parents will be looking for as they weigh their options. The decision to invest in bus transportation now can open up opportunities parents will appreciate for years, and is one more way for your business to stand out in a competitive market.

The Extraordinary Value of Peace of Mind

The parents who are your current and prospective clients value their child’s safety above and beyond everything else. They want to know their child will be as safe as possible at all times, and that makes your commitment to a bus for your facility a unique selling point for parents.  You can confidently point them to the data which proves that the American school bus is the safest form of land transportation in the world. 

It is actually safer for the child to ride on your bus to and from your facility than for the parents to drive them. Buses are built to a more stringent safety standard than other passenger vehicles.  An experienced sales team should be able to help you see exactly what makes a bus so safe. This is valuable information you can, in turn, communicate to your potential customers. 

A Bus Will Help Your Business Grow Brand Awareness

A bus or fleet of buses for your child care business can significantly boost name recognition and brand awareness in your target communities. When you brand your bus with your company name, logo, custom paint job, or all these, you’re essentially creating a moving billboard for your business. 

Nobody’s marketing budget is so large that they don’t need to worry about increasing or maintaining brand awareness. A branded bus is a compelling way to keep your name out there and showcase one of your selling points at the same time. 

There are lots of possibilities you could consider for how to brand your new bus. There’s a wide range of custom paint options, and there have been many innovations in vehicle graphics in recent years. Whether you go with paint or vinyl, logos, decals, lettering, or a complete wrap, your business will have the visibility it needs to reach your next customers. 

Keep Exploring What You’ll Need to Know to Make a Decision

The team at Carolina Thomas has put our heads together to compile the most important things you should know and ask at every stage of the process for owning a bus. If you’re a first-time buyer or wondering what questions you should be asking, have a look at our free resource. We’ve covered the essentials of research, buying, servicing, and selling / trading a bus so you can make a decision with confidence. Download our free resource today!

Child Care Bus Professionals

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