The Wash Bot: The Efficient Way to Clean Your Buses

At Carolina Thomas, our goal is to help make your bus wash a more efficient one. That’s why we’re proud to be North Carolina’s authorized dealer of the Wash Bot Bus Washing System.                   

Wash Bot and GCS-CT team members.

Members of Team Carolina Thomas and Guilford County Schools Transportation with newly-installed Wash Bot.

Here are the top four ways a Wash Bot can help you better manage your fleet:

1)  It Makes More Frequent Washing an Effective Reality

The Wash Bot saves both time and money by washing a bus in just six to eight minutes, requiring only one operator to get the job done. At this speed, washing your fleet more than once a year can be a reality.

2)  It Greatly Reduces Washing Costs

Because the Wash Bot washes the bus so quickly, you’ll not only save time, but overall cost to wash the vehicle. Depending on the size of your fleet, the Wash Bot often pays for itself in just one year. Ask your Outside Parts Sales Representative for more info about how much Wash Bot could save your fleet.

3)  It Provides an Even Wash Every Time

The Wash Bot ensures each bus in your fleet gets an even wash every time by consistently applying equal water and brush pressure from top to bottom.

4)  It May Extend the Life of Your Bus

School Transportation News agrees that washing is not just an important part of maintenance, but regular washing is also an effective anti-corrosion effort, which you can read about in detail on the second page of this PDF. By preventing harmful corrosion, the Wash Bot may increase the longevity of your fleet.

One GCS team member using Wash Bot.

Wash Bot makes this BIG job a breeze for one GCS Transportation team member.

The Wash Bot

Carolina Thomas offers two models of the Wash Bot to fit your exact bus-cleaning needs:

  • The 101B Model works best for garages with fixed wash bays. It ties directly to existing power and water supply and washes continuously.


  • The 626 Model works best for garages without a fixed wash bay. It’s wireless and is a hoseless tank machine that can be operated on any flat, paved surface.


The Wash Bot is a cost-effective product that’s widely appreciated for its versatility and easy-to-use form.

A job that may take you hours to complete takes the self-cleaning Wash Bot just six to eight minutes. It’s also wireless and only requires one person to operate, which makes for a nice, more efficient clean.

See the Wash Bot in action, now! And talk to your Outside Parts Sales Representative about seeing a demonstration.

Carolina Thomas also offers full delivery, installation, and training for the Wash Bot, and we’re excited about how it can help make your routine cleanings a lot easier and less costly.

Learn More

To learn more about how the Wash Bot can make your fleet-cleaning easier, contact us today.