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A Fuel Truck Facelift from the “Bus Plus” Professionals

The way we see it, there are two major reasons to invest in your transportation. Reason number one is safety – ensuring your vehicles provide the highest level of protection for passengers. Reason number two is appearance, which we believe goes hand-in-hand with safety. A fresh coat of paint may not provide any extra reinforcement, but when your vehicles look clean and well cared for, your community will come to recognize your organization’s commitment to safety and quality. As people see that you are serious about these two things, they will almost always remain loyal to your brand. (more…)

Growing a Child Care Center with Quality Transportation – The Sprouts Story

Carolyn Davenport and Kelly Turley take delivery of Sprouts’ first Thomas MyBus.

If you live in the High Point, N.C., area, you’ve probably noticed some adorable buses traveling around town. With a fun color scheme and a load of little ones, Sprouts’ Thomas Built buses have been turning heads. In fact, just four years after opening its doors, the preschool and child care center has now reached maximum capacity, and is actively looking for a larger facility. So how did quality transportation contribute to their rapid growth? We talked to the owners to get a little more insight on the Sprouts story.


The Wheels on The Bus: Knowing When You Need A Childcare Bus

Running a childcare facility involves a lot of responsibility. From playtime to snacktime, it’s necessary to provide the safest environment possible for every child. Perhaps one of the most crucial aspects of childcare is transportation. Daily you need a safe and reliable transportation solution that fits your daycare’s specific needs. As more and more facilities make the switch from vans to buses to meet their transportation needs, we answer 3 common questions from people searching for the right bus.