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Coming Full Circle – David Twiddy’s Journey from High School Bus Driver to Transportation Director

From left to right: Bud Hendrix, David Twiddy, Caley Ederly (President & CEO of Thomas Built Buses), Debbi Nelson, Phil Loflin

From left to right: Bud Hendrix, David Twiddy, Caley Edgerly (President & CEO of Thomas Built Buses), Debbi Nelson, Phil Loflin


Looking back to what you did at age 16 is often a cringe-inducing exercise. From acid wash jeans to bad haircuts, there are plenty of decisions we don’t wish to replicate. But while David Twiddy may have upgraded his style since 1986, one thing is still as beloved today as it was in high school – Dare County bus #1. Nearly 30 years after first taking the wheel, David – now Transportation Director for Dare County Schools in North Carolina – has brought back the #1 bus to the same route he drove as a student; albeit with a few upgrades. (more…)

Thomas Built completes $12M plant expansion

Thomas Built completes $12M plant expansionHIGH POINT, N.C. — Thomas Built Buses (TBB) has finalized the installation of new equipment and infrastructure as part of its recently announced $12 million expansion.

Additionally, the company has made significant strides in increasing workforce. This will increase TBB’s production capabilities of the Saf-T-Liner C2 by more than 25%.

Read the full article – Courtesy of School Bus Fleet Magazine.

Take a virtual tour of the Thomas Built Buses plant and see some of the new equipment and infrastructure that are part of its $12 million expansion. – Courtesy of School Bus Fleet Magazine.

Read the press release – Courtesy of Thomas Built Buses.

All-New Video Learning Resources Exclusively for Carolina Thomas Customers

At Carolina Thomas, we continually strive to provide you with the very best training and support in order to help make your transportation job easier. We understand how valuable your time is and we’re dedicated to finding ways to help you make more effective use of it.

That’s why we’re extremely excited to announce the release of several new video training resources created exclusively for Carolina Thomas customers.