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Adjusting Tilt/Telescope Steering Wheel on Thomas FS65 and C2 Buses

Thomas Steering Wheel Adjustment InstructionsWe recently received a call from a customer with a question concerning the tilt/telescope steering wheel on a Thomas C2 bus. The question specifically concerned the telescope part of the steering column – it would still move in and out – and the customer was having trouble getting it to lock into place. Fortunately, this issue was easily resolved with a simple adjustment.

Adjusting a Thomas tilt/telescope steering column is simple and straightforward with the proper instructions. Click here to download a PDF copy of these easy instructions.

*One important clarification: Prior to 2012, Thomas FS65 and older C2 models were equipped with a tilt/telescope steering column. Thomas C2 buses delivered beginning in 2012 have TILT ONLY columns; buses delivered prior to 2012 had both TILT and TELESCOPE columns. You’ll need to check your bus to be sure which column it includes when troubleshooting problems with the adjustment features.