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In July of 2005, the Elkhart Coach Division became the newest addition of Forest River’s
Bus Manufacturing Group. Over the last (5) years, the Bus Manufacturing Group at Forest River Inc. has produced in excess of 12,000 commercial buses, and has become one of the (2) largest suppliers of small and medium size buses to the U.S. Commerical Bus Market.

The Elkhart Coach Division, located in Elkhart, Indiana, was created by Forest River to fulfill the growing need of public and private commercial bus operators for a cost-effective, mid-size commercial/shuttle bus product line, capable of meeting the increasing demand for group transportation within their communities.

Elkhart Coach products are manufactured in an ISO certified facility that has also achieved certification from Ford as a registered QVM quality specialty vehicle modifier, and has achieved the “Silver” quality level of certification from the National Welding Certification Bureau.  The manufacturing team at our Elkhart Coach facility has an average of 10+ years experience in the design and manufacture of commercial vehicles.

The buses manufactured at Forest River’s Elkhart Coach Division utilize a full steel cage body construction, modeled on the proven design of the most popular and thoroughly tested buses in the industry. Elkhart Coach products have also incorporated many of the innovative design features and popular options developed by Forest River.

The Elkhart Coach “EC-II” bus model is the latest Forest River Bus Group model to have successfully completed the Altoona 7 year/200,000 mile accelerated durability test program.  The “EC-II” has been designed and independently tested to ensure that it meets or exceeds all Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards for commercial buses .

With over 5,400 employees working in the 42 manufacturing divisions, Forest River Inc. remains the largest employer in Elkhart County, Indiana.  Since it’s inception 10 years ago, the company has successfully grown financially every year, and achieved over $1.6 Billion in sales for 2005.  It is this type of financial strength, coupled with Forest River’s continued commitment to quality and value that has allowed the company’s Bus Manufacturing Group to become so successful in the Commercial Bus market in such a short time frame.  This same financial strength and commitment to quality and value is now being applied to the Elkhart Coach Division, to ensure the Division completes its objective of becoming the industry leader for small and mid-size buses in the Commercial Bus Market.





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